Why choose Silvermark Construction Services as your builder?

Our homes are carefully crafted with every detail thoughtfully considered. The result is a perfect synthesis of comfort, energy efficiency, functionality and design–while remaining sensitive to budget and timelines.

We use quality products. We work with only the best suppliers and trades. Our management team has more than 100 years of combined construction experience.  Our team has built more than 2,000 homes over the last 2 decades.

Using our in-house expertise, we’ve perfected a streamlined building process. We keep homeowners involved and ensure the experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We limit the number of projects we accept to maintain our commitment to excellence.  We are small enough to provide each client with personal attention but, large enough to harness economies of scale in products and services.  We have a significant presence in the community.

We care about each client, the community, and the environment.  We have the expertise to work with insurance companies to resolve issues, and, overcome obstacles.

Every home we build is backed by a warranty. To assure our client’s satisfaction, prior to closing, we will schedule a “walk through” inspection with the client to personally examine each element of their new home. At that time, the client is acquainted with the operation of all the electrical, plumbing, mechanical and structural features that make up their new home.  In the first year, we offer multiple opportunities to discuss how things are going, address and resolve potential concerns that are very normal in connection with a purchase that has over 100,000 parts.

  • Each lot goes through an elaborate process including soil samples, compaction reports, confirmation of correct elevations, etc.
  • Foundations are based on the recommendations of the soils and structural engineering reports.
  • Over and above governmental inspections, we secure additional, third party structural engineering inspections at 5 intervals during each build.
  • We house in-house architects and certified title 24 professionals.
  • We have our own mechanical, electrical and plumbing teams.
  • We hold 7 contractor’s licenses which allows us to accelerate the building process.

Re-building is one of the many options you have. If this path appeals to you, then make an appointment with our specialized team of professionals for a rebuild assessment. They can patiently guide you through the process, start to finish.

We can work with your original plans or you can pick from the many plans we have. If neither of those options work, let’s talk. Following are some of our most popular homes:

If you want to get a feeling of the quality of the homes we build, watch a virtual tour of our previous model home at 1904 Gardenview Circle, Santa Rosa, CA. This property has been sold, but check all SILVERMARK LUXURY HOMES here.

1904 Gardenview Circle Santa Rosa

Subsequently, you may also want to make an appointment with our Sales Team and Option Coordinators at our local planning and design office to see how we can make your vision a reality. Please call us at 707-631-9707 to schedule your appointment.

If you’re simply not interested in rebuilding, we might be able to help there as well as we buy lots. Please call us at 707-759-3434 to discuss details.

“We came to Silvermark in April 2019 to rebuild our Santa Rosa home lost to the 2017 Tubbs Fire.  We had had trouble finding a contractor to meet our needs and lacked trust in the process.  We came to Silvermark because it was evident from the homes you had previously built in Santa Rosa that you were able to finish houses efficiently and reasonably quickly.  We were impressed that you had begun rebuilds as soon as February 2018 after the fire in October 2017.

We have now been in our “new” home a little over a month and would like to give you our sincere thanks for the care and attention paid to the build. Thanks to Kevin for being our “go-to” guy for everything from ordering roofing to selecting exterior colors.  Thanks to Steve and Brian for the actual construction of our home.  It’s beautiful and just what we hoped for.  Your attention to detail in the plans and knowledge of the codes and requirements are admirable.

Everyone that we dealt with at Silvermark was conscious of our fragile psyches after the fire and its aftermath.  Even when we may have seemed overly needy no one dismissed us.  Greg, that comes from the top down.  Thank you for being motivated, yes, to build houses, but also to restore damaged people to their homes.”

Chris K.